Tossing your Bouquet



You are finally married.

The party has started, friends and family are dancing the night away.

You've changed into your after-party dress and now it's time for the funnest part of the night, the bouquet toss, one of the many traditions of your wedding night. 

The bouquet toss is part of wedding history. It began long ago as brides wanted to "share" the experience with their guests, and now many years later it is a continued tradition among modern brides. 

The bouquet toss is not mandatory however, and it is up to the sole discretion of the bride on how she wants to carry out this tradition. 

So you are probably thinking that those who toss their bouquets are crazy, after all it cost you much money to design this bouquet and you deserve to keep it as part of your memory. 

But don't fear. Many modern brides have incorporated an extra bouquet. I learned about this idea myself from, they have the latest news on weddings. If you're interested in plus size wedding dresses, check out their site too. 

A very similar, smaller, more cost-effective bouquet that is specifically made for the toss.

If this interests you and it is not brought up by your florist, make sure to bring this topic up when you meet for discussion. 

Moving on, some brides choose to include single ladies only during the bouquet toss.

This is mainly because the myth hiding behind the bouquet toss is that the lady who catches is will be the next to marry. Although not necessarily true, many brides  follow this tradition and only include single friends. 

However, some modern brides make the decision to include every lady present at her wedding. This is to not make the other guests feel "left out".

Other traditions that modern brides are incorporating into their wedding ceremony is that they personally hand their bouquet to a special someone in their wedding. This could be a sister, a special friend, or someone who is going to marry soon. 

Modern brides are skipping over the traditional toss, and making this interaction a more personal and memorable one. 

Whatever you decide, always remember it is your wedding and it should meet and exceed your expectations. Always. 

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